2015 Year in Review

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*whew* this year was probably one of the busiest the band’s ever seen…from performing the most shows EVER to multiple TV/radio features and interviews – we are so grateful for all the opportunities we’ve had to share our music with so many different audiences this year. These are some of the highlights from Team Muso’s 2015:


1. Hearing our tracks on Schitt’s Creek!

To start the year, we found out that not just one…but THREE of our tracks off of “Dare Yourself” would be featured in the new Canadian Comedy, Schitt’s Creek! This was the first time we’d licensed any music for television and we had no idea what a success this show would become…though we probably shouldn’t have been surprised since it stars Comedy royalty – Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. It ended up being one of our favourite shows to watch and we had the added bonus of hearing our own music in a few of the scenes 🙂 even if no one else noticed but us, we were pretty excited about it haha Season 1 of the show was aired and re-run a few times on CBC, in the States on their POPTV channel AND on Netflix! So awesome 🙂

2. Being featured artists for RogersTV on two shows

Thanks to RogersTV we ended up having two appearances this year on the Toronto network

Toronto TV and Radio personality, Rudy Blair contacted us to feature us on 680 News to give us some buzz about being the 2014 Grand Prize Winners in R&B for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. He then invited us to be on his RogersTV show “On the Mic with Rudy Blair” to talk about our experience 😀 it was an honour to be interviewed by such a down-to-earth person who’s connected with so many big names in the music industry.


A few months later, we were flattered to be offered a full episode feature on “Toronto Sessions”. It was our second time invited on the show and we had a great time with the producers and crew as usual 🙂 the episode featured original tracks off of our “Dare Yourself” album.

3. 2014 Grand Prize in R&B for JLSC

We were so honoured to win the 2014 Grand Prize in R&B (Session 1) for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for our song “Thousand Times”…though we didn’t end up winning the 2014 Lennon Award or Song of the Year, we received so much love and support for our music and received some amazing prizes in 2015 for our initial win, including an AMAZING Epiphone Casino Guitar.

4. Our JAM PACKED Summer Schedule

This summer was such a blur! Week-to-week, we were so busy with performances, we couldn’t believe how quickly it came to pass. Some of the best experiences:

  • Opening for Toronto great, Ivana Santilli!!!!! *flails arms* she’s an incredible live performer – so talented, humble and really underrated…we were so amazed to share a stage with her!
  • Window watchers who’d stop in the streets to hear us at our Lisa Marie gigs <3
  • Melting on stage at the Burlington Ribfest (and eating, eating, eating…of course!)
  • Taking a road trip and expanding our fan base to Ottawa music lovers at Ottawa Bier Markt
  • Feeling the love at Toronto music/arts festivals – TD Jazz Fest, Toronto Wine & Spirit Fest, Kultura TO, and PIDC Mabuhay Fest
  • Celebrating the awesome, selfless people at the Terry Fox Run

We were simply overwhelmed with support everywhere we went and were surprised by the reaction we received to our shows. Thanks so much to everyone that was able to come out to see us perform!

5. Announcing our soon-to-be Member of Team Muso

By the end of the summer and early fall, we started to slow down with gigs and wrote a new song to explain why…we’re expecting a baby girl in Spring of 2016! Thanks everyone for their well wishes and love for our newest addition who’s yet to arrive 🙂